My name is Kate, and I am the creator of Party Animal Vodka. The idea to create this fun loving, unique brand came to mind when I was in college. I stumbled upon the idea while sitting in a lecture thinking of my plan of attack for that Friday night. I really wanted to drink a brand of Vodka that had a story behind it that I could not only relate to, but also stood for a just cause (not just your average boring Vodka brand). I wanted a brand that related to me no matter if I was planning on going out that night, staying in and having friends over, bringing a host/hostess gift that we could share a laugh over, or out at the bar taking shooters with all the other PARTY ANIMALS. THEN IT CLICKED. I began a quest to create a Vodka that contained three simple factors; Quality, Philanthropy, and a brand that relates to a party lifestyle. However, as it usually does, the pressures of society got to me. As time passed, I graduated college, got my masters in Taxation, and thought I wanted to be a tax accountant. But then, I decided it was time to take a year off and move out of California. I found myself in a small town in Idaho and fell in love with potato vodka. From there the rest was history. Party Animal Vodka became a reality in 2017 with help from family and friends.

Party Animal Vodka is quality, craft vodka made in the beautiful state of Idaho from locally sourced Russet Potatoes. We pride ourselves on our quality, exceptional taste, and socially conscious efforts. A percentage of our proceeds goes to various animal and wildlife foundations across the world.

We all have an inner Party Animal. That part of us that can let go let loose and enjoy life to the fullest. Jump on our bandwagon to join our movement! Grab some friends, pour some drinks and lets get this PARTY STARTED!

If you are interested in trying our product and you cannot find it, please speak to a manager and request our Vodka.

Thank you for the support, you PARTY ANIMALS and remember to always PARTY RESPONSIBILY!


  • EVERY PURCHASE supports our furry (and non-furry) friends domestically and internationally. YOUR PARTY benefits our Party Partners.
  • POTATO Vodka that is handcrafted in Idaho.
  • Our vodka is GLUTEN FREE.

Trust us, if Vodka could drink Vodka it would drink PARTY ANIMAL VODKA.